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Devour means to eat. Make their living by fleecing people.

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And the sword not of a mean man shall devour him.

What does devour mean. To rapidly destroy engulf or lay waste. To completely just shove something in your mouth and finish it off in a couple seconds. The meaning of devour has grown to include the consumption of things other than food.

They took advantage of their ignorance and their unprotected state and either extorted large sums for their counsel or. How to use devour in a sentence. Verb used with object to swallow or eat up hungrily voraciously or ravenously.

The other kingdoms and will devour the whole KJV. All the kingdoms and will devour the whole earth. The python snake devoured the cat whole.

However there are others who have discovered a legal way to take money from the unsuspecting. 1Chuck devoured the steak as soon as it was put on his plate it was like he hadnt eaten in weeks. Kingdoms and shall devour the whole INT.

3rd person singular present tense devours present participle devouring past tense past participle devoured 1. To ruin the soul. Information and translations of devour in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Verb If a person or animal devours something they eat it quickly and eagerly. Waăḵalū 1 Occ. What does the name Devour mean.

Consume despoil destroy efface eliminate eradicate expend extirpate obliterate prey. To engulf or swallow up. Ye devour widows houses.

If you sit down to start a book and look up ten hours later having turned the last page you have devoured that book. ăḵulî 1 Occ. Devour means to eat greedily and hungrily.

Longing they look and gaping at the sight devour her oer and oer with vast. To consume destructively recklessly or wantonly. To swallow something whole and slowly digest it.

Wəṯêḵul 1 Occ. Con artists crooks shysters sharpies cheats etc. To enjoy with avidity.

He means he wants to coughcough eat out your lower regions though. But he shall flee from the sword and his young men shall be discomfited. Devour definition is – to eat up greedily or ravenously.

What does devour meanA spoken definition of devourIntro SoundTypewriter – TamskpLicensed under CCBA 30Outro MusicGroove Groove – Kevin MacLeod incompe. To eat quickly greedily hungrily or ravenously. Fire devoured the old museum.

The sword shall devour the young lions. What does devour mean. Ye shall conceive chaff ye shall bring forth stubble.

The tactics they use are illegal. Origin and Meaning of Devour User Submitted Origins. Submit the origin andor meaning of Devour to us below.

āḵəlāh 2 Occ. Video shows what devour means. The sink hole devoured the house and the land it was sitting on.

Your adversary the devil as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may devour. If your after school job devours all your free time chances are your grades are going to drop. This they did under pretence of counseling them in the knowledge of the law and in the management of their estates.

A medium-sized dog will devour at least one can of food per day. 7 Occurrences Strongs Hebrew 399 7 Occurrences ăḵalū 1 Occ. To take in avidly with the inte.

Then shall the Assyrian fall with the sword not of a mighty man. There are any number of ways to take the life savings andor money for daily living from the old the gullible or those who are zealous without knowledge. It means to eat greedily also it can mean to destroy.

Your breath as fire shall devour you. Which devour widows houses – Which devour the families of widows or the means of supporting their families. Devour to consume or eat something with no remorse.

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