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Angry or annoyed mean the same thing but if you choose the word petulant you are indicating that it is unreasonable or unjustified. The current sense mid 18th century is influenced by pettish.

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Her tone of voice became abrupt and petulant.

Definition of petulant. The definition of petulant is someone who gets irritated without a good reason. Contemptuous in speech or behavior. Petulant Definition from Encyclopedia Dictionaries Glossaries.

Definition of petulant from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Some other words with connections to petere are compete and appetite. To act like Robin van Persie.

From French pétulant from Latin petulant- impudent related to petere aim at seek. He picked the pen up with a petulant gesture. Your mother would really not be proud.

ˈpetʃələnt easily angered or annoyed esp. A petulant toss of the head. Cranky fractious irritable nettlesome peevish peckish pettish petulant scratchy testy tetchy techy adj easily irritated or annoyed.

Find another word for petulant. Moved to or showing sudden impatient irritation especially over some trifling annoyance. Acting petulantly wont get you very far.

Princetons WordNet 400 3 votesRate this definition. Stop being so petulant. Annoyance is an unpleasant mental state that is characterized by such effects as irritation and distraction from ones conscious thinking.

It can lead to emotions such as frustration and anger. Petulant is one of many English words that are related to the Latin verb petere which means to go to to attack to seek or to request Petere is a relative of the Latin adjective petulans impudent from which petulant was derived. Late 16th century in the sense immodest.

He plays the part of a petulant young man in the film. In a rude way. Petulantly is the adverb formation of petulant which comes from the Latin word petulantem meaning wanton forward or insolent The modern use of petulantly has morphed to mean that one is moody or childish and no longer means that one is wanton or forward.

Petulant ˈ pɛtʃələnt adjective Learners definition of PETULANT more petulant. 26 synonyms of petulant from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus plus 38 related words definitions and antonyms. ˈpetʃələnt easily angered or annoyed esp.

Pissy childish and generally cuntish. Most petulant disapproving. Someone who is petulant is unreasonably angry and upset in a childish way.

English Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia. He plays the part of a petulant young man in the film. An example of petulant is a toddler throwing a temper tantrum when they dont get their way.

Unreasonably irritable or ill-tempered. His critics say hes just being silly and petulant. In a rude way.

Definition of petulant from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Sulky cross moody sour More Synonyms of petulant. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word petulant.

The adjective petulant is a disapproving term used to describe a bad-tempered child an adult behaving like an angry child or behavior of this type. Easily irritated or annoyed. ˈpetʃələnt behaving in an angry or sulky way especially because you cannot do or have what you want synonym pettish He behaved like a petulant child and refused to cooperate.

Having or showing the attitude of people who become angry and annoyed when they do not get what they want.

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