What Does Barren Mean

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An example of barren is a desert where few things grow. BARRENNESS bar-en bar-en-nes tsiyah.

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Video shows what barren means.

What does barren mean. Unable to bear children. B arren as a boys name means young warrior. Of poor fertility infertile.

Meaning pronunciation translations and examples. The barren trees looked on branches swaying in the breeze unwilling to quite succumb to the cold but looking forward to their sleep We begrudge the colder weather the barren trees the short days Peeking through a few barren trees and sitting atop a well-manicured lawn sat Keatons parents house. An example of a barren tree is a tree that makes no fruit.

Adj barren completely wanting or lacking writing barren of insightyoung recruits destitute of experienceinnocent of literary meritthe sentence was devoid of meaning adj barren not bearing offspring a barren womanlearned early in his marriage that he was sterile. Synonym Discussion of barren. Desolate empty desert bare waste the Tibetan landscape of the high barren mountains 2.

ALTERNATIVE FORM VIA BARON Barr. Barren is a version of Baron Old German Old English. Information and translations of baren in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

The landscape is everything you can see when you look across an area of land including. How many people with the first name Barren have been born in the United States. Unproductive dry useless sterile fruitless arid unprofitable unfruitful unprolific He also wants to use water to irrigate barren desert land.

The definition of barren is something or someone who is not productive or fruitful or a place with few or no plants. Barren definition is – not reproducing. Barren definition not producing or incapable of producing offspring.

What does baren mean. Fun Facts about the name Barren. A title of nobility.

Baren definition is – a pad of twisted cord covered with paper cloth and bamboo leaf with which a printmaker transmits pressure typically by rubbing to paper laid on an inked woodcut. The pine barrens are a site lonely enough to suit any hermit. Barren is the 45526 th most popular name of all timeAs a last name Barren was the 25459 th most popular name in 2010.

Barren Noun An area of low fertility and habitation a desolate place. STARTSENDS WITH Bar- -en. What does Barren mean.

1 Of land that bears no crop either a b. Not producing young or offspring. From the same root as bare.

How Popular is the name Barren. Unable to produce plants or fruit. How to use barren in a sentence.

Unable to have children or young animals 3. If you describe something such as an activity or a period of your life as barren you mean that you achieve no success during it or that it has no useful results.

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