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Gravely – WordReference English dictionary questions discussion and forums. Gravely is defined as something done seriously or somberly or something that is very serious and bad.

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Gravely If trust deteriorates too gravely then a failure of the parties to reach simpatico will result and distrust will emerge.

Gravely definition. What are synonyms for gravely. Badly seriously severely. In a grave or serious manner.

From the Cambridge English Corpus They are also gravely ill with the result that ethical considerations add to the difficulty in studying them comprehensively. Or b manifests severe deterioration from safe behavior evidenced by repeated and escalating loss of. Synonyms for gravely in Free Thesaurus.

Dangerously harmfully Not to be confused with. Honestly its out of the doctors hands now theyll either make it or not. A grave accent used to show that a vowel is pronounced with a fall of pitch as in ancient Greek that a vowel has a certain quality such as è in French that a final e is stressed and close and that a final o is stressed and low as in Italian that a syllable has a degree of stress between maximum and minimum as in phonetic transcription or that the e of the English ending -ed is to be pronounced as in this cursèd day.

A Is in danger of serious physical harm resulting from a failure to provide for his or her essential human needs of health or safety. 1 adv in a grave and sober manner Synonyms. Gravely not really used around where I live is the same as Severely.

5 synonyms for gravely. 2021 Example sentences from the Web for Gravely. Gravelly definition is – of containing or covered with gravel.

From International Business Times These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. If you have been stabbed in the heart and may die this is an example of a time when you are gravely injured. Soberly staidly adv to a severe or serious degree is gravely ill Synonyms.

Gravely synonyms gravely pronunciation gravely translation English dictionary definition of gravely. If you speak in a somber and serious manner about a subject this is an example of a time when you speak gravely. Enwiktionary2016 adjective Alternative form of igravellyi enwiktionary2016 adverb In a grave or serious manner.

The violation of the grave by taking up the dead body or stealing the coffin or grave clothes is a misdemeanor at common law. View in context That access to capital along with time and expertise with energy projects is a primary goal of Catholic Energies said Page Gravely executive vice president for client services. How to use gravelly in a sentence.

Critically Injured means they are hanging on the edge between alive and dead. 23 Gravely disabled means a condition in which a person as a result of a behavioral health disorder. Gravelly covered with gravel.

Gravely arranging his embroidery this extraordinary being began to work with the patient and nimble dexterity of an accomplished needle-woman. Gravely disabled means a condition in which a person as a result of a mental health disorder is incapable of making informed decisions about or providing for his or her essential needs without significant supervision and assistance from other people. In a broader context the government is likely gravely concerned about growing unrest on its migrant labor workforce who primarily toil in construction.

A place where a dead body is interred. Remains to be seen. Enwiktionary2016 adjective Characterised by gravel pebbles or small stones.

With a harsh rasping sound. Soberly staidly badly severely seriously. Listen he says gravely touching my arm Thats rough he gravely acknowledged I nod gravely and scoop her up in my arms Slowly and gravely his glance scanned me head to toe The butler bowed gravely The man nodded gravely his economical gesture showing how important he considered the transaction.

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